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Audition Notice

CASTING: Three cult members in Theatre By Committee’s production of Wagon Play by Ben Hayward, to be performed at this summer’s Fringe festival. Actors selected will be involved in creating their characters, so all applicants are welcome. 

Wagon Play is an exploration of worship in pop culture, through the tradition of medieval wagon shows. An emergent cult has booked time at the Toronto Fringe in order to try to indoctrinate new followers and spread their message of salvation, all out of the leader’s Nissan. 

Auditioners will be asked to prepare a monologue of their choosing, a short song (non-music theatre) and should be prepared to cold-read a scene. 

Auditions will be held at Gilchrist Canavan Dance Studio on Monday March 19th, to be considered for a time please send a headshot and resume to by 12:00 pm on March 17th. 

We are always excited to hear from prospective Stage Managers. Reach out to us at