Theatre By Committee
"A camel is a horse designed by committee."

Wagon Play

Wagon Play

Wagon Play

Presented as part of the Toronto Fringe Festival

July 4-15 | Majilis Art Garden, 163 Walnut Ave, Toronto

Calling all initiates, calling all initiates, you're invited to take part in a very special ceremony previously reserved only for the most enlightened of our community. Amber Moon herself will be leading us through our daily Cleanse, followed by a Performance Extravaganza where our selected team of elite disciples will compete for your affection, Amber's approval, and above all else the chance to transcend to a higher level of enlightenment. Don't miss this exciting opportunity to open your hearts and your minds to the happiness and joy we all feel walking the path of The Way.

Written and Directed by: Ben Hayward and Owen Fawcett

Design by: Kelly Anderson

Featuring: Lindsey Middleton, Brandon Gillespie, Jonathan Walls, Katherine, Cappellacci, Alexis Gontan, Emma Banigan, Brendan Kinnon

Produced by: Laura McCallum

Praise for Wagon Play

"We all worship at the altar of cult leader Amber Moon...Within its relentless barrage of pop references, Wagon Play offers some astute and funny commentaries on celebrity culture. NNNN"

-Kathleen Smith, Now Magazine

"Before seeing this show, I spent a fair amount of time researching online as to whether or not this was actually a “play” or some sort of David Lynch sponsored Transcendental Meditation event because Theatre By Committee did such an excellent job of building a realistic, online presence for Amber Moon, and I really wasn’t 100% sure until the day of the show if she was real or not...If you love exhausting, physical, audience participation, this is the show for you."

-Tara Gostling, Toronto Community Theatre Blog

"From Banigan’s grandiose entrance to the dark twist at the end, Wagon Play paves the way for entertainment this Fringe Festival. With Cher being a singular name recognized around the world, soon Banigan will join that prestigious hall of fame."

-Alex Jackson, Mooney on Theatre (Wagon Play was listed as a Mooney Rave Review for the Toronto Fringe)

"Smart, silly, and irreverent, the performers are engaged 115%, with surprising staging choices, and a shocking attention to detail...Suffice it to say this is probably the most fun, and the most re-set you will feel after a Toronto Fringe performance!"

-Kendra Jones,