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The Food Project

Presented at Toronto Fringe Festival '17

July 5th - 8th & 10th - 14th @ 8pm | Sketch, Toronto (180 Shaw St)

An investigative theatre piece about Canadians' relationship to Canadian food systems.

Written by the company | Directed by Ben Hayward

Featuring: Veronica Baron, Owen Fawcett, Brandon Gillespie, Emmelia Gordon, Lindsey Middleton & Jonathan Walls

Design by Kelly Anderson

Praise for The Food Project

“The show feels like an eco-themed Sesame Street segment for adults, with a cow-costumed actor and singing-dancing vegetable puppets feeding the audience dire statistics and facts. But they do share a lot of important information in entertaining ways, and some of the performers tell honest, personal stories about their struggles to make better food choices and cut down waste.”

-Debbie Fein-Goldbach, Now Magazine

“The actors, deliver their lecture with a wink, obviously aware that a show on this topic can never quite lose the aspect of well-meaning lecture. There are a lot of hard truths to digest here, but they’re sure portrayed as entertainingly as possible…Everyone involved in the show is genuine and bright.”

-Ilana Lucas, Mooney on Theatre

“The entire cast is charming from the preshow right until they are handing out gazpacho (one of the delicious bonuses of this show)…The show is both well-researched and charming, complete with cow costumes and musical numbers. The situation is disheartening, but the show is worth it.”

-Lisa McKeown, My Entertainment World