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Omnium Gatherum

Omnium Gatherum


Omnium Gatherum

September 13-23 2017 | St. Luke's Church

Believing that lively, contentious debate is the heart and soul of a dinner party, a domestic artist and perfect hostess has invited an assortment of opinionated personalities to share a surreal meal. The guests at this exquisite feast of food and argument confront the global implications of September 11th and beyond in an urgent, impassioned and hilarious work that was a finalist for the 2004 Pulitzer Prize in Drama.

Written by Theresa Rebeck & Alexandra Gersten-Vassilaros

Directed by Katy Murphy & Ben Hayward

Featuring Basel Daoud, Owen Fawcett, Brandon Gillespie, Shawn Lall, Shalyn McFaul, Lindsey Middleton, Aundraya Thompson and Jonathan Walls

Design by Kelly Anderson

Produced by Laura McCallum

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