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Best Kept Secret

Best Kept Secret

Best Kept Secret

April 2018 | 

Helmed by company member Lindsey Middleton in her Directorial Debut, this immersive theatrical experience was commissioned for the grand opening of the Anndore House. Featuring the talents of 40 Toronto performers and three floors of the boutique hotel, Best Kept Secret explored the eclectic - and sometimes seedy - past of the historic hotel. It was our Best Kept Secret of the year. 

Written by the company | Directed by Lindsey Middleton

Design by Kelly Anderson

Featuring: Owen Fawcett, Laura McCallum, Brandon Gillespie, Ben Hayward, Jonathan Walls, Andrei Preda, Shawn Lall, Trestin Yuen, Stuart Hefford, Gillian Wetherald, Hannah Ehman, Brittany Miranda, Julia Pochko, John Walmsley, Lauren McGinty, Lauren Mayer, Jess Allen, Kano Wilkinson, Emily Nodwell, Beatrice Qwan, Bryn Kennedy, Erin Humphry, Veronica Baron, Eliza Martin, Shalyn McFaul, Shaquille Pottinger, Nola Martin, Laura Meadows, Aundraya Thompson, Gordon Gresko, Anne Shepard, Lucy Flawless, Meredith Wolting, Hannah Jack, Annelise Hawrylak, Jason Leaver & Eilish Waller

Praise for Best Kept Secret

“From a local super star drag queen Lucy Flawless telling guest’s futures, to our own Liza Minelli looking for love and even an illegal marriage (mixed race couples couldn’t get married in the 50’s) the 40 artists and actors gave the guests a fun evening full of exploration and out of the box entertainment.”

-Coco, Coco & Cowe