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"A camel is a horse designed by committee."



Untitled Food Project, 2016

A documentary theatre investigation of the Canadian food industry through a look at individual's personal relationships to food.



Faith, Hamilton Fringe 2016

Winner of Best New Play at the Hamilton Fringe 2016. Theatre By Committee Presents: "Faith" a play by Ben Hayward. Join Faith and her pastor as they discuss God, fatherhood, growing up and getting even. 

Written by Ben Hayward

Directed by Brandon Gillespie

Featuring Ben Hayward & Lindsey Middleton

The Project is a three-and-a-half month series of workshops with an aim to grow emerging works through a collaborative process. Selected scripts have undergone bi-weekly dramaturgical workshops with rotating members of Theatre By Committee to develop their scripts through readings, discussions, and in-studio exploration.

Family Debts  Written by Kelly Anderson | Directed by Brian Postalian

Ed and his sister Cara are sent to live on their aunt Lillian’s farm after the collapse of their parents’ marriage. Years later, Ed struggles to reconnect with Lillian, all the while attempting to come to terms with the time they spent together, and the place Lillian took in his life.

Featuring Suzanne Crone, Owen Fawcett, & Hannah Jack

Comme-ci, Comme-ça Written by Christian Tribuzio | Directed by Cory Doran

An ordinary dinner party becomes anything but when the hosts and their guests lose track of who is who. Simon and Hilary appear to be the hosts. Then there's Don, their guest, and finally Phoebe, (better known as Perry) the final guest who bares a rather large secret.

For the premiere, the actors changed characters each night depending on the audience's decision. 

Featuring Brandon Gillespie, Ben Hayward, Lindsey Middleton, Sarah Robbins, & Jonathan Walls


Lion in the Streets, 2015

Judith Thompson's Lion in the Streets 

Judith Thompson's Lion in the Streets 

In 1990, Judith Thompson's "Lion in the Streets" premiered at the Tarragon Theatre. Twenty-five years later its examination of subtle cruelty and urban stagnation still resonates deeply. 

Directed by Owen Fawcett
Featuring David Chinchilla, Brandon Gillespie, Ben Hayward, Hannah Jack, Lindsey Middleton, Natasha Ramondino, Sarah Robbins & Jonathan Walls. 
Production Design by Kelly Anderson
Sound Design by Nigel Lokaisingh & Shaun McPherson

Production Stills by Kevin Bryan Photography

Evan Wade Brown's A Tournament of Lies

Evan Wade Brown's A Tournament of Lies

Alex's friends and lovers gather at her memorial to make sense of her death. Once together, they compete between themselves to see who can grieve the best. How do you make sense of your life when the person who defined it is gone? 'A Tournament of Lies' examines the unsavoury nature of grief, fragmentation of memory, and self-preservation. 

Directed by Ben Hayward
Featuring Owen Fawcett, Brandon Gillespie, Hannah Jack, Iain LaCourt, Sarah Marchand, Lindsey Middleton, Sarah Robbins, & Jonathan Walls
Stage Management by Nathaniel Kinghan
Produced by Hannah Jack & Sarah Robbins
Poster Design by Kevin Bryan Photography

Christopher Durang's 'Dentity Crisis

Christopher Durang's 'Dentity Crisis

American playwright Christopher Durang’s outrageous 1978 spoof on therapy culture and identity obsession.

Directed by Ben Hayward
Featuring Owen Fawcett, Hannah Jack, Lindsey Middleton, Elizabeth Stuart-Morris, & Jonathan Walls
Produced by Elizabeth Stuart-Morris