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2017 Season

2017 Season

Omnium Gatherum

September 13-23 2017 | St. Luke's Church

Believing that lively, contentious debate is the heart and soul of a dinner party, a domestic artist and perfect hostess has invited an assortment of opinionated personalities to share a surreal meal. The guests at this exquisite feast of food and argument confront the global implications of September 11th and beyond in an urgent, impassioned and hilarious work that was a finalist for the 2004 Pulitzer Prize in Drama.

Written by Theresa Rebeck & Alexandra Gersten-Vassilaros

Directed by Katy Murphy & Ben Hayward

Featuring Basel Daoud, Owen Fawcett, Brandon Gillespie, Shawn Lall, Shalyn McFaul, Lindsey Middleton, Aundraya Thompson and Jonathan Walls

Design by Kelly Anderson

Produced by Laura McCallum

Nominated for My Entertainment World 2017 Critics Pick Awards for Outstanding Supporting Actor (Basel Daoud) and Outstanding Supporting Actress (Shalyn McFaul)

Praise for Omnium Gatherum
“This production’s greatest strength is its cast, which is solid across the board. Jonathan Walls appears to be having the most fun in his turn as the elitist and increasingly inebriated Terrence, while Audreya Thompson brings heart to the show as upwardly mobile Julia, the lone African-American guest. The standout performances of the night for me were Basel Daoud (Khalid) and Shalyn McFaul (Suzie). Daoud plays the Middle Eastern studies scholar as so quiet-spoken and amiable that when tempers flare and he argues passionately for what he believes in, it’s all the more powerful to watch…McFaul strikes a delicate balance between the comedy of Suzie’s chipper drive to keep the evening on track and ensuring that she remains a sympathetic individual.”
-Chelsea Dinsmore, MyEntertainmentWorld
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The Food Project

Presented at Toronto Fringe Festival '17

July 5th - 8th & 10th - 14th @ 8pm | Sketch, Toronto (180 Shaw St)

An investigative theatre piece about Canadians' relationship to Canadian food systems.

Written by the company | Directed by Ben Hayward

Featuring: Veronica Baron, Owen Fawcett, Brandon Gillespie, Emmelia Gordon, Lindsey Middleton & Jonathan Walls

Design by Kelly Anderson

Praise for The Food Project

“The show feels like an eco-themed Sesame Street segment for adults, with a cow-costumed actor and singing-dancing vegetable puppets feeding the audience dire statistics and facts. But they do share a lot of important information in entertaining ways, and some of the performers tell honest, personal stories about their struggles to make better food choices and cut down waste.”

-Debbie Fein-Goldbach, Now Magazine

“The actors, deliver their lecture with a wink, obviously aware that a show on this topic can never quite lose the aspect of well-meaning lecture. There are a lot of hard truths to digest here, but they’re sure portrayed as entertainingly as possible…Everyone involved in the show is genuine and bright.”

-Ilana Lucas, Mooney on Theatre

“The entire cast is charming from the preshow right until they are handing out gazpacho (one of the delicious bonuses of this show)…The show is both well-researched and charming, complete with cow costumes and musical numbers. The situation is disheartening, but the show is worth it.”

-Lisa McKeown, My Entertainment World


Personal Development LTD

Presented as part of Toronto for Everyone: Amazement

February 24 - 26, 2017 | Honest Ed's, Toronto

Come in and get lost in your favourite bargain store -- but this time, you’ll experience the space transformed by multidisciplinary artists, taking you on a wacky journey through the past, present and future. Will you find the ghost of Honest Ed? We sure hope so!

Written & Directed by Ben Hayward

Featuring: Owen Fawcett, Brandon Gillespie, Ben Hayward & Jonathan Walls

Designed by: Kelly Anderson